Aunty Angela

The news tonight… “A woman in her early forties was arraigned before a Magistrate Court for sexually molesting a 10-year old boy…” ‘What nonsense! Later they will say only girls face abuse…ehn, Na wah o. This woman deserves to be hanged, in fact, she’s a beast not worthy of living among men, she’s a…’ Dipo’s […]

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Our Lost Corn-Tree

OUR LOST CORN-TREE (Country) Once upon our corn-tree farm blooming green in culture bam Then her beds with honey flowed and her leaves shoot milky node Tendrils dance in twirling coil, creeping stems grip’n black soil, Harvest then was just for us and barn’s burst satiates our kids. Then they came with masks of peace […]

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Her waistline swings, dangling wild Left and right to ‘bata’s’ tongues Charmed bangles ringing her feet Spews rhythmic founts to drummer’s hide What lady holds to spell viewer throngs And robs our heart one cadent beat! Dazzling! Pearly beads Aduke! brewing charms Beloved of the gods and the king Her beauty makes sea waves recede […]

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Yond the great rivers of Ethiopia Where civilization first births her fruits Through ancient reeds of Egypt seas Where books first kissed the dazzling pens Glooming shadows skipped the hills To give way to flooded desert troops Where lies the fearless Nubian tribe And Shaka’s ageless Zulu clan? Stretch to drum their suntanned skins Light […]

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Dirge To A Soldier

Aim—Fire—Reload! Seven blaring shots for a warlord Hail! Showers —Respray! Seven splashes of lighted ray A warrior he was, and one so valiant Staring death in the face, yet stood gallant Three men in one, ‘Akoni’ feels no fears Ten men with swords, their dreads he dares His lone strike crushing wild beasts And single […]

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Our Kingdom Clash (Part 2)

Title: Our Kingdom Clash (Part 2) In brilliant grandeur Balogun Boroli wobbles out Tarred shiny skin From the south black seas Lion skin on drooping shoulder Prize, more of luck than of wits Six long seasons Still wants more… “The gods bow down to my whims They crave my oil and finest gold Ancients desperate, […]

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Title: KINGDOM CLASH (Part 1) Drum of war echo through the distant savannah Lighted torches Spring from the howling hills Horn of rivalry from the desert land blast Battle song splashes the rivers in ripples Marching hordes to the field, iron boots throng That ancient field The land where two rivers kiss Scuffle mounts Light-hearts […]